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We believe that we need to take action to raise awareness of gender-based violence and gender inequality in order to change attitudes and to improve services for those who have been raped or sexually assaulted.

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Not Ever

Not Ever is a public awareness campaign, by Rape Crisis Scotland, aimed at challenging prejudicial attitudes towards women in the context of rape. For example, women are frequently judged on the basis of their appearance, and accused of inviting sexual assault if their clothes are short, tight, revealing, or otherwise deemed 'provocative'.

In spite of a range of positive steps taken in recent years to improve survivors’ experiences of the justice process (including a new Act reforming the law on rape in Scotland which was implemented in December 2010 and the establishment of the National Sexual Crimes Unit), attitudes which blame women in the context of rape persist. Societal attitudes, however, continue to play a significant role in limiting justice for women who have experienced this crime. Overcoming prejudicial attitudes towards the way women dress and their behaviour, which leads to women being blamed for rape, is crucial if conviction rates are to improve in Scotland.

A survey of 1,040 Scots carried out by Cello MRUK in February 2010 for the Scottish Government found that:

The Not Ever campaign was created by Rape Crisis Scotland to challenge assumptions and judgments people make about women who are raped by stimulating debate.

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