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Freephone 08088 00 00 14Glasgow & Clyde Rape Crisis helpline
08088 01 03 02National rape and sexual assault helpline

Face-to-face support

We are here to listen and support you. We can provide you with free confidential support at a time that suits you.

Due to Coronavirus and social distancing guidelines, we are unfortunately unable to provide drop-in services or any face to face sessions until further notice. We will provide updated information on this as soon as we know more. If you would like support or information we have staff available to talk with you over the phone on 08088 00 00 14 between 11am and 2pm on weekdays until further notice. You can also email us on Please be aware that it may take longer than usual to respond to your email enquiry. You can also contact us on instant messaging from the home page of our website. If you would like a video call using Skype you can find us at Glasgow Clyde Rape Crisis or Facetime finding us at For non-support enquiries please call our office between 11am and 2pm on 0141 552 3201.

If you feel that you want to speak to someone in person we have a face to face support service that might be right for you. We offer structured weekly sessions at a time that’s suitable for you. Our sessions are available for female survivors, friends or family members or workers who are supporting a survivor.

We offer face to face sessions for women and girls aged 13 and over who have experienced sexual violence at any point in their lifetime. It doesn’t matter which area you are from or if you have reported to the police.

We can offer you face to face support at a range of times. We have daytime sessions available or we can see you at evenings or weekends if that’s more suitable for you. Before your sessions begin we will ask you for your name and the local authority area that you live in. If you can be seen in the area you are from we will offer you a session with our outreach worker. If you prefer to attend our centre in Glasgow or we don’t have a worker in your area we will give you a time that suits you for your first appointment.

Your first appointment

The first appointment is called and initial support session (ISS). The first worker you seen might not be your permanent worker. This is because we will assess your needs and what you would like from our service and assign you a worker we think will work well with you. The ISS is also a chance for you to find out what we can do for you, find out if you’re comfortable with our centre and let us know how we can get it right for you.

At the end of the ISS the worker will ask you if you want to proceed with face-to-face support. If you do, she will put you on to the waiting list and when you come to the top your new worker will call you to arrange your first session. We initially offer 10 one hour sessions of face to face support.

We have a non-directive approach which means that we work with whatever you want to want to talk about during your sessions. We won’t give you advice or ask a lot of questions and you are not required to go into details about what has happened to you.

If you feel this is the right service for you then you can call our helpline on 08 088 00 00 14 to arrange an appointment or ask us some questions. You can refer yourself and you do not need to have reported to the police.

Friends and family

We offer face to face support for friends and family members who are supporting a female survivor. We can offer you 3 one hour sessions at a time that suits you. Please call our helpline to make an Initial support session or for more information.


If you are a worker who would like support yourself after supporting a survivor of sexual violence we can offer you face to face support. Sometimes when you are hearing about people's experiences it can be hard to understand your own feelings around them. You may be trying to digest what you are hearing or it may be bringing up things about your own experiences and you want to speak to someone about that. As a worker we can offer you 3 support sessions. If you are a survivor yourself we can offer you same support we offer any other woman.

Workers can access face to face support by calling our helpline on 08088 00 00 14 or email us.

Live chat

Click here to send us a message through our live chat system. It’s free and anonymous, and online now.

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