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Text support

Text support is a new way of offering support from Glasgow and Clyde Rape Crisis. Texting can be easier if you don’t know what to say but want to start the conversation.

Glasgow and Clyde Rape Crisis (GCRC) offers a range of support services to survivors of rape, sexual assault or any form of sexual violence, abuse, exploitation or harassment, no matter when this has happened in their lives. Any woman aged 13 years or over can contact us for support. We also offer support to family members.

For many people, speaking to someone on the phone, or face to face, can be daunting particularly if you are sharing experiences that are very painful or distressing for you. Many survivors have told us that writing down their thoughts helps them process how they feel and sharing those thoughts and feelings with a support worker helps with that recovery process. Email and text support can be a useful alternative for anyone who finds phone or face to face support difficult.

Text support may be an option for you at this time when we are all having to make contact with services in a very different way. Survivors may feel more isolated at home with no one to speak to, or perhaps there are too many people in the household and speaking on the phone would not be an option because of lack of privacy.

You can contact us for text support on


You can text GCRC to make contact, get information about the support services we offer, or you can keep in touch with us over a longer period of time by text. This is quite different from other forms of support as it may be less ‘immediate’ but it can also be a positive experience as it can give you time to read and re-read your own words and the response from the support worker. The important thing is that you are able to choose which type of support is best for you, and to know that you can change this over time if you feel, for example, that meeting with your support worker face to face would improve your support sessions, or speaking to someone on the phone would help.

There are a number of different ways you can contact our Connect Live service:

By phone: 08088 00 00 14

By email:

By skype: You can find us at Glasgow Clyde Rape Crisis


Instant Message:

Some of the benefits and challenges of text support

Text support is a new way of offering support from Glasgow and Clyde Rape Crisis. We know it can be limited and doesn’t offer the same kind of contact as a phone call or a face to face meeting with a support worker, but for some people, it can be a more comfortable way to communicate. As with any kind of support, there are benefits and some challenges.


· Texting can be easier if you don’t know what to say but want to start the conversation with a support worker

· Many deaf women use texting for contact and have found it difficult to get support during the lockdown period

· Texting can be a good way of getting support if you don’t have many minutes available on your phone, or you’ve run out of minutes but need to contact someone for support

· If you don’t have a quiet space where you live to phone us, or you don’t have email access, texting can be a confidential way of speaking to us and getting support

· You can text our service when you need to, and we will get back to you when our Connect Live service opens

· By sending a few texts, you can decide whether or not you feel this is the right service for you

· Texting can be a good way to ask questions and get some quick answers from us

· Texting can be a first step into other forms of support from rape crisis. You can text us to make contact then decide that you’d be comfortable phoning us, or when the lockdown period is over, you’d like to speak to a support worker face to face.


· Text support can sometimes feel quite disjointed and getting the ‘flow’ we often have in support may be difficult

· Ongoing or longer term support might be challenging as it can be less straightforward to express and explore feelings by text. Because of this we may suggest that text support is used for the beginning of the support and then we can explore how we can carry on our support in the longer term.

· We are used to texting short messages so using text to explain sometimes complicated feelings and experiences could be challenging. This could be overcome by a combination of text and phone support

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