The Ruby Service supports people from different nationalities and minority groups after experiencing rape or sexual assault.

Support for minority groups – Ruby Service

The Ruby Service supports women from different nationalities and minority groups who have experienced sexual violence.

This is whether it happened in the UK or in another country. We understand the additional complexities that come with being from a minority group and offer culturally sensitive support and advocacy.

Our support and advocacy workers also provide survivors from minority groups with advocacy and emotional support to help them through the process of reporting a rape or sexual assault. The decision to report a rape or sexual assault is always up to the survivor. We’ll never force you to take action if you don’t want to. We also work with survivors who are seeking asylum in the UK and support them through the asylum process.

The Ruby Project provides unique ways of working through emotions, including trauma-informed yoga classes and regular focus on mental health topics. We make it as easy as possible to access our services. This can include making the funds available to reach our centre or helping with childcare when needed.

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