A lot has changed at Glasgow and Clyde Rape Crisis

Nov 16, 2022 | News

If you’ve ever come into contact with us before, you’ll notice that quite a lot has changed recently at Glasgow and Clyde Rape Crisis.


A new look

You’ll have probably noticed our new look. We’re delighted to have a vibrant, inclusive new logo and we rolled it out in October 2022. We hope it feels warmer, more personal and less corporate than our old branding. It’s also the most obvious of the many changes that we have been making to our organisation over the past year or so.

A new website

The pandemic made us take a good look at how we operate and how we deliver our services. Like many organisations, we were forced to move many of our services online for a long period of time. This gave us the chance to review our online presence and figure out how it could be more effective. We launched our new website at the same time as we introduced our new branding and our social media channels have had a makeover too.

Our new site is designed to make it as simple and easy as possible for survivors and our referral partners to find the support and information they need. Our new online chat function is also more responsive than before and we’re hoping to increase the times it’s available over the coming months.

A new home

At the same time, we realised that our old centre wasn’t really fit for purpose anymore. As we returned to the workplace, it didn’t have the private spaces or comfortable environment we wanted to help survivors. So, we’ve now moved to new premises in the city centre. Our modern new home is more welcoming and has more private space to support survivors as we return to offering our services in person.

A new plan

We’ve also been working hard on our plans for the future. With new leadership in place, we’ve taken the opportunity to redefine our purpose and clearly state our vision, our values and what we stand for. We’re proud to promote the welfare of women and girls who have experience rape or sexual assault. We’re proud that we help over 1,700 survivors across Glasgow and Clyde every year. But we also know there’s more we can do and that there are more who need our help.

Our new strategic plan will underpin all of our activity over the next five years and help us reach and support more survivors who need us.

The same vision

It’s been quite a journey, but we believe Glasgow and Clyde Rape Crisis has emerged from the pandemic in a better place than before.

We’ve made lots of changes, but some things have stayed the same:

  • We’ll keep looking for ways to improve our services so that we can help more survivors in our area.
  • We’ll keep making our voice heard to campaign on behalf of those who have experience rape or sexual assault.
  • And we’ll keep working towards our vision of a society where women and girls are free from all forms of sexual violence.