All of Us

Jan 12, 2024 | News

Right now, transformational change would come in the form of us being supported properly to serve the 650,000 girls and women in Glasgow and Clyde that may at some point need our help.

We can only continue to imagine what it’s like to not operate a waiting list or tell a woman they do not have to wait for our support. Why is that? Yet despite that, we, us, want to keep on raising the bar of what we do, where we do it, and how we do it.

There is no other us. And we need protected, respected and invested in. I long for us to have the ability to think beyond annual or three year budget cycles. For us to focus more on survivors than serving laboured and time intensive competitive tendering and procurement services. Which are getting more and more intense, with squeezed budgets and ever increasing priorities competing with each other. Of course ensuring value for money from those you invest in is needed.  But we, us, we show our value, we are valued, and we are needed.  A society where we aren’t, is only one that can show they have truly redressed the inequality women and girls face, and it’s that inequality that breeds tolerance for the levels of rape and sexual violence we see every single day. And as we all know, we are a long long way from that.

We are operating in times which feel bleaker and more unequal than ever before for women and girls; so we are proud we continue to do our bit to eradicate sexual violence and rape and to help survivors heal. We serve 1/3 of Scotland’s population; and reached 3,000 plus survivors last year and the same again in our education and prevention projects. But beyond the numbers there’s us; dedicated women delivering vital services and hope to and for survivors. That’s why we made our ‘All of Us’ documentary.

– Claudia Macdonald, Director, Glasgow and Clyde Rape Crisis