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The caged bird sings

This is a space where you can hear different voices; our staff and volunteers who have kept the Centre going over the last 40 years, our friends, colleagues and supporters from across the violence against women sector, and people who have used our services and want to share their experiences.

The Battle Worth Fighting By NM

This poem is written by a service user at Glasgow Rape Crisis Centre who has come a very long way in her personal journey to recover from trauma. She has never written poetry before but felt the need to let others know that she understands the battle they face following sexual violence.

Trust that you possess the power

Know that you are strong

Believe in your own self worth

You have the self respect

To kick them to the turf

Allow your pain to rise

And prepare to let it go

Then you have room within

To let positivity flow

When you feel cornered and trapped

As if there's no way out

Do not admit defeat

As intense and unbearable a feeling it may be

Remember it passes, it's temporary and set yourself free

You are already strong

But feel tired of fighting the battle

It's not a reason to give up

Rather rest and prepare

Like a soldier taking cover

In the midst of flying bullets and explosions

It's only natural to get a scare

It is not a sign of weakness

To duck and cover when things get tough

For all fighters get knocked down

But you have the courage to get back up

When the worst is over

You will be equipped for life

Not to fight but to experience what you desire

For you are the warrior who has ignited that inner fire

Attracting those who seek warmth and strength

You should be incredibly proud

For you believed in yourself to be brave

Enough to go the full length

Many thanks to NM for allowing us to share this with you. We wish you well as you continue on your journey and we'll be here to listen if you need us.

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