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Sign the petition to ask that University of Glasgow take sexual violence on campus seriously

Sign the petition to demand amendments to the University of Glasgow Student Code of Conduct to include a clause prohibiting sexual violence on campus and detailing how to report the incident as a survivor, a bystander, and an assailant.

The 7 measures demanded by University of Glasgow students to improve student safety on campus:

· Introduce mandatory sensitivity training for all student body (GUSA, GUU, QMU, SRC) executives.

· Introduce specific Sexual Violence Prevention Training for all Freshers' Helpers.

· Introduce Bystander Intervention Training for all New Students (first year, study abroad, and transfer).

· Highlight and publicise all services available within the University and the city of Glasgow through:
- verbal communication in conjunction with the Bystander Intervention course
- a booklet listing all services and proper reporting procedures
- a designated and accessible space on the University's website.

· Launch a social media campaign that specifically targets sexual assault on campus.

· Host a Service "Meet and Greet" Fair:
- An event similar to Career Services' Employers Fair, but with sexual health services.
- Open to all students to openly engage in a discussion about sexual health and violence whilst empowering themselves with the knowledge about existing services

This petition and campaign has been presented by 6 societies on campus - this is what they have to say:

"University should be a safe space, an environment in which nobody feels under threat of sexual violence. This, unfortunately, is not always the case. Whether it is due to inadequate education and training in school, or a product of a culture that is willing neither to address nor to confront deep-set sexual inequality, many students progress through university without a vital understanding of sexual consent, how to support survivors, or the relevant reporting procedures and support services. This engenders an environment in which perpetrators can hide behind the alibi of ignorance, and victims often remain unprotected and unheard.

These seven steps present the opportunity for an incredible investment; when compared with the extra guarantee of safety and protection that their implementation would offer students, the action required on the part of the University appears somewhat modest. This petition is simply asking that our safety be taken seriously. It aims to ensure that students can enjoy a sense of security during their academic life, with a set of clearly visible schemes within easy reach, as a reminder that sexual assault will not be ignored nor its victims remain unheard."

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