May 21, 2024 | News

Claudia Macdonald-Bruce – GCRC Director, issues the following update on behalf of GCRC Board and Management Team.

“Glasgow and Clyde Rape Crisis is often confused with other rape crisis centres or organisations in Scotland. However, we are an independent organisation, that has separate governance, leadership, strategic focus, and service areas.

Therefore, I want to provide reassurance that our services for women and girls who have survived rape or sexual abuse continue to operate as we always have, and we are available in all the local authority areas we serve. For the avoidance of any doubt, these are Glasgow, East and West Dunbartonshire, East Renfrewshire, Renfrewshire, and Inverclyde. We are here for women and girls who need us, and we will continue to be.

Glasgow and Clyde Rape Crisis continues to be open and clear on our purpose, mission, and vision. All this information is easily accessible on our website. We are an organisation that is rooted in feminist values. Our culture, from how we are led and governed, to how we deliver our services is guided by these values. This prioritises the provision and safeguarding of single-sex service spaces as we recognise the prevalence of rape and sexual abuse experienced by women is predominantly perpetrated by men. This requires and deserves our specialist, dedicated and safe services provided by women and for women. We understand and have lived with this relationship between male power and control and women’s unequal status in our society.”

For more information on GCRC’s purpose, mission, and vision – see the Get Informed page on our website.

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